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Tenzo-R Meister V.1 (Char/Titn) 16X7" 5-114.3mm

Tenzo-R Meister V.1 (Char/Titn) 16X7" 5-114.3mm Wheel Specs

Size Lug Pattern Hub Diameter Offset Finish
16X7" 5-114.3mm 73.1mm 38mm Char/Titn Show Specs
Tenzo-R Meister V.1 Char/Titn 16X7 5-114.3 Wheel
Meister V.1Char/Titn
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The Tenzo-R Meister V.1 wheel has ten double spokes that offer a modern look. It comes in several finishes including Char/Titn. Tenzo-R Meister V.1 wheels are low pressure cast in aerospace quality aluminum alloy. They are designed specifically for sports sedans and sports cars and would be a definite enhancement for your vehicle. This option for the Tenzo-R Meister V.1 is 16" tall and 7" wide with a 5 on 114.3mm bolt pattern, 73.1mm hub, and 38mm offset.

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