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MPW MP106 (Black/Machined) 20X7" 5-114.3mm

MPW MP106 (Black/Machined) 20X7" 5-114.3mm Wheel Specs

Size Lug Pattern Hub Diameter Offset Finish
20X7" 5-114.3mm 72.62mm 40mm Black/Machined Show Specs
MPW MP106 Black/Machined 20X7 5-114.3 Wheel
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The MPW MP106 is a one piece cast aluminum alloy construction wheel that comes in a Black/Machined finish. It has a modern five spoke design. MPW uses quality materials and workmanship in the design and construction of their wheels. The MP106 would be an excellent option for your vehicle. This option for the MPW MP106 is 20" tall and 7" wide with a 5 on 114.3mm bolt pattern, 72.62mm hub, and 40mm offset.

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