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Euromax 515 (Machined/Ssr) 20X9" 6-135mm

Euromax 515 (Machined/Ssr) 20X9" 6-135mm Wheel Specs

Size Lug Pattern Hub Diameter Offset Finish
20X9" 6-135mm 0mm 35mm Machined/Ssr Show Specs
Euromax 515 Machined/Ssr 20X9 6-135 Wheel
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The Euromax 515 wheel has five clean lined double spokes and comes in a few finishes including Machined/Ssr. It is made with aerospace grade aluminum alloy and is one piece cast construction. The Euromax 515 would be an excellent upgrade for your vehicle. This option for the Euromax 515 is 20" tall and 9" wide with a 6 on 135mm bolt pattern, 0mm hub, and 35mm offset.

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