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Akita AK-85 (Hypersilver/Machined) 18X8" 5-105mm

Akita AK-85 (Hypersilver/Machined) 18X8" 5-105mm Wheel Specs

Size Lug Pattern Hub Diameter Offset Finish
18X8" 5-105mm 72.62mm 42mm Hypersilver/Machined Show Specs
Akita AK-85 Hypersilver/Machined 18X8 5-105 Wheel
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The Akita AK-85 wheel has five modern looking split-spokes and comes in a couple of finishes including Hypersilver/Machined. As with all Akita wheels, the AK-85 is made from top grade aluminum and offers excellent handling capabilities. These wheels would be a great addition to your vehicle. This option for the Akita AK-85 is 18" tall and 8" wide with a 5 on 105mm bolt pattern, 72.62mm hub, and 42mm offset.

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