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Momo NEXT (Black)

Momo NEXT Black Wheel
Show Off Your Ride

The Momo Next wheel comes in a few finishes including Black. It is a one piece low pressure cast wheel. Momo Next wheels have seven distinctive double spokes that provide a sharp sleek look. With their European design and superior performance, they would be a welcome addition to your vehicle.

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Momo NEXT (Black) Wheel Specs Chart

Size Lug Pattern Hub Diameter Offset Finish
17X7" 4-100mm 4-100mm mm 42mm Black Show Specs
17X7" 4-114.3mm 4-114.3mm mm 42mm Black Show Specs
17X7" 5-100mm 5-100mm mm 35mm Black Show Specs
17X7" 5-114.3mm 5-114.3mm mm 42mm Black Show Specs
18X8" 5-112mm 5-112mm mm 45mm Black Show Specs
18X8" 5-114.3mm 5-114.3mm mm 40mm Black Show Specs
18X8" 5-120mm 5-120mm mm 35mm Black Show Specs

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