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TreadWright Axiom A/T

Axiom A/T
All Terrain

The TreadWright Axiom A/T is an Industry Certified remolded all-terrain tire built in the U.S. from premium used tire casings. The Mold Cure process used is similar to new tires, but on a used casing. This allows for up to 65% less oil to be used in the manufacturing process, and utilizes tires that would otherwise need to be recycled in another manner. TreadWright has over 40 years of remolding experience and offers high quality pre-static balanced rubber that will give you comparable mileage to other new tires on the market. The Axiom A/T runs a symmetrical center rib for stability and low noise on road while it's semi aggressive sidewall and tread block design allow for use in tough rugged terrain. It also has a Remold tread life warranty for all sizes.
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TreadWright Axiom A/T Tire Specs Chart

Size Diameter Width Rim
Weight Revs/Mile
LT 35X12.50R17
119R D BSW
35" 11.4" 8.5-10" 9" 16/32" D 3000 lbs 50 psi NA 594 Show Specs
LT 265/70R18
124/121R E BSW
32.75" 10.4" 7-9" 8" 14/32" E 3525/3195 lbs 80 psi 53 lbs 635 Show Specs
LT 275/70R18
125/122R E BSW
33.1" 10.7" 7-8.5" 8" 16/32" E 3640/3305 lbs 80 psi 55 lbs 628 Show Specs
LT 35X12.50R18
123R E BSW
35" 11.9" 8.5-10" 9" 17/32" E 3415/ lbs 65 psi NA 594 Show Specs
P 275/55R20
31.9" 10.8" 7.5-8.5" 7.5" 16/32" SL 2403 lbs 35 psi NA 652 Show Specs
33.1" 10.7" 7-8.5" 8" 16/32" SL 2679 lbs 35 psi NA 628 Show Specs
LT 305/55R20
121/118R E BSW
33.2" 12" 7.5-8.5" 7.5" 19/32" E 3195/2910 lbs 65 psi NA 626 Show Specs
LT 35X12.50R20
121R E BSW
35" 11.9" 8.5-10" 9" 17/32" E 3195 lbs 65 psi NA 594 Show Specs

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