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Hankook Dynapro MT2

Dynapro MT2
Off Road/Mud Terrain

The Dynapro MT2 is an off-road traction tire for the toughest terrain. It's the most extreme tire Hankook has ever offered, providing excellent traction and durability while maintaining on-road comfort. It has an aggressive sidewall and bold tread features with puncture and scrape resistance. The Dynapro MT2 uses an optimized rubber compound, increased belt durability, and a reinforced carcass.
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Hankook Dynapro MT2 Tire Specs Chart

Size Diameter Width Rim
Weight Revs/Mile
LT 235/75R15
104/101Q C OWL
29" NA 6-7" 6.5" 16/32" C 1985/1819 lbs 50 psi NA 717 Show Specs
LT 225/75R16
115/112Q E BSW
29.4" NA 6-7" 6" 17/32" E 2680/2470 lbs 80 psi NA 707 Show Specs
LT 245/75R16
120/116Q E BSW
30.6" NA 6.5-8" 7" 17.5/32" E 3042/2756 lbs 80 psi NA 679 Show Specs
LT 265/75R16
123/120Q E OWL
31.8" NA 7-8" 7.5" 17/32" E 3415/3086 lbs 80 psi NA 654 Show Specs
LT 265/70R17
121/118Q E OWL
31.9" NA 7-8.5" 8" 17.5/32" E 3195/2910 lbs 80 psi NA 652 Show Specs
LT 285/70R17
121/118Q E OWL
32.9" NA 7.5-9" 8.5" 18.5/32" E 3195/2910 lbs 80 psi NA 632 Show Specs
LT 275/65R18
123/120Q E BSW
32.2" NA 7.5-9" 8" 18/32" E 3415/3086 lbs 80 psi NA 645 Show Specs
LT 275/70R18
125/122Q E BSW
33.3" NA 7-8.5" 8" 19/32" E 3640/3305 lbs 80 psi NA 624 Show Specs

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