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2002 Chevrolet S10 Extra Cab 4wd Tires

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2002 Chevrolet S10 Tire Front
2002 Chevrolet S10 Tire Side
2002 Chevrolet S10 Wheel
744 Revs/Mile
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Chevrolet equips the 2002 S10 Extra Cab 4wd with a 235/70R15 tire. Click on each tire to compare prices online for that tire.
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All Season Tires

BFGoodrich Tires
BFGoodrich Radial T/A
Radial T/A
Avg. $127.72
Cooper Tires
Cooper Cobra Radial GT
Cobra Radial GT
Avg. $114.50
General Tires
General Altimax RT
Altimax RT
Avg. $88.99
General Tires
General Altimax RT43
Altimax RT43
Avg. $86.62
Hankook Tires
Hankook Optimo H725
Optimo H725
Avg. $85.32
Kumho Tires
Kumho Solus KR21
Solus KR21
Avg. $101.99
Kumho Tires
Kumho Solus TA11
Solus TA11
Avg. $81.80

All Terrain Tires

Firestone Tires
Firestone Destination A/T
Destination A/T
Avg. $120.22
Yokohama Tires
Yokohama Geolandar A/T-S
Geolandar A/T-S
Avg. $107.45

Truck/SUV All Season Tires

BFGoodrich Tires
BFGoodrich Long Trail T/A Tour
Long Trail T/A Tour
Avg. $117.72
Cooper Tires
Cooper Discoverer H/T
Discoverer H/T
Avg. $112.00
Firestone Tires
Firestone Destination LE 2
Destination LE 2
Avg. $100.12
General Tires
General Grabber HTS
Grabber HTS
Avg. $112.99
Goodyear Tires
Goodyear Wrangler SR-A
Wrangler SR-A
Avg. $119.06
Kumho Tires
Kumho Crugen HT51
Crugen HT51
Avg. $92.25
Kumho Tires
Kumho Road Venture APT KL51
Road Venture APT KL51
Avg. $98.25
Nexen Tires
Nexen Roadian HTXRH5
Roadian HTXRH5
Avg. $94.99
Toyo Tires
Toyo Open Country H/T
Open Country H/T
Avg. $116.99
Uniroyal Tires
Uniroyal Laredo Cross Country Tour
Laredo Cross Country Tour
Avg. $102.99

Truck/SUV Winter Tires

Cooper Tires
Cooper Discoverer M-S
Discoverer M-S
Avg. $112.99
Dunlop Tires
Dunlop Grandtrek SJ6
Grandtrek SJ6
Avg. $112.07
Firestone Tires
Firestone Winterforce UV
Winterforce UV
Avg. $80.25
Yokohama Tires
Yokohama Geolandar I/T
Geolandar I/T
Avg. $83.25